December 30, 2011

2012 UFO Challenge

We all have them - those UnFinished Objects hiding in our craft room. We started out all excited with the pattern or the fabric or, usually, both then other projects stepped in and they got pushed aside. Well, Judy at Patchwork Times has a challenge to help us rid our craft rooms of those UFO's and finish some great quilts.

I've decided to participate. Most of my UFO's are from several years ago when I first started quilting then took a long break from it. A few of them though are from the last year when I have started more than I've finished.

The idea is that you list your projects and at the beginning of the month Judy will draw a number and you work on and try to finish the project that corresponds to that number. Sounds like a fun way to stay motivated and clear out some things.

Without further adieu here is my list for the challenge.

1. A seasonal project - explained below
2. Hexagon Flag - One of those insane things that you aren't sure how you dreamed it up, but all the hexies are done, so I just need to get them together and quilted and bound.
3. Orca Bay Mystery - I am still working slowly on this and there are more clues left, but I am so far behind I know it is bound to need a push to get finished this year.
4. Another seasonal project
5. Flower Basket 1 - My mother-in-law got 12 beautiful appliqued blocks in a swap through her guild several years ago and gave them to me to encourage me to get back into quilting. I split them into two twin sized quilts. One I need to finish the quilting and bind.
6. Flower Basket 2 - the second one from above. Still in pieces.
7. Seasonal again
8. Embroidery wall hanging for my sewing room - small project but I still need to finish the embroidery.
9. Pineapple Blossom - I won the block lotto in May and got 36 of these wonderful blocks. They need to be a quilt.
10. The last seasonal project
11. Embroidery Quilt Along Quilt - 2 more stitcheries to finish then put it all together, quilt and bind.
12. Crumb quilt from the crumb along earlier this year. Most of the blocks are done.

The seasonal ones are a Spring Table Runner, a summer beach wall hanging, a fall table runner and a Christmas quilt (actually Judy's Road to Brownwood made in Christmas colors). I want to finish the spring one by spring, summer by summer, etc... and since Judy will be drawing the numbers each month I wanted some flexibility.

I don't know if I will get all 12 completed. I will also be starting new things and have a few that are long term works in progress, but I like a challenge and hope it will motivate me. If your closet has some of these go check out the challenge and play along.

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  1. You have a varied and interesting list of UFOs. Good luck with the challenge.