February 05, 2012

Sunday Stash Report

First time linking up for the Sunday Stash report. I think I will do it on a monthly basis instead of weekly. I just don't buy fabric or finish projects on a weekly basis. So without further procrastination here is my Stash Usage (or not) report for January?

Fabric in: 5.75 yards
Fabric out: -.42 yards

Total change +5.33 yards

I don't think that's the direction this thing is supposed to be going in. LOL

Some people are counting things when they cut it for a project, but I'm waiting until the top is finished, then when I add the backing I'll count that, then the binding. The good news is that I have a top I think will be finished this week and a couple of more that I hope are done in February, so maybe it will look different next month.
My very small finish this month was several candle mat tops that should have been done by Christmas (sigh). I decided I was so close that if I did them now I would be ahead come December.

As for those "adds" well, let's just say I couldn't go to the local store for that sewing machine belt without looking at her clearance table (1.5 yards), and the quilt shop an hour from here has an annual FQ sale the end of January (4 yards) and I had a blog win for that last FQ.

If you want to see who might have done better than I did check out other stash reports over at Patchwork Times

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  1. I understand. I rarely go in a quilt shop without buying something. I now have a pattern for a bag and the fabric to make it. Hmm....Oh, and I also need to sew several blocks for the block of the month projects I'm doing! Yikes!! Must catch up!!!