February 04, 2012

NewFo for January

Well, I sure don't have the posting consistency thing down yet, do I? I knew it had been a while since I had posted anything on the blog, but didn't realize how long until I came here today to post. I will try to do better.
I was able to find that belt for my machine at the local fabric store and get back to sewing quickly. I guess there are some advantages to an older mechanical machine.

Now, on to my New FO for January. Remember this lovely pile of purples from my original post about the the New FO Challenge that Barb over at Catpatches has going on?
Well, they are now looking like this:
I realize that right now they are several different sizes, but it is a work in progress. Also, as I was uploading the picture I noticed that one block was missing. I did find that other darker purple block in my sewing room. Maybe if I wouldn't work on 10 things at once I wouldn't spend so much time searching for missing pieces, but where would the fun be in that?

I know that finishing these was not the point of the challenge, but I do intend to get this finished for my friend's birthday at the end of February. I should make some significant progress tomorrow. I hear there is a ball game or something going on and I'm sure my sewing machine will be calling my name rather loudly although I might check in from time to time since one of the rookie players for the Giants lived in our small town in AL and graduated high school the year ahead of our son and we actually know him and some of his family a little. It's always fun to cheer for the home town kid on the big stage so to speak. I hope you enjoy the game if that's your thing or get lots of sewing done if it's not.

I am linking up to the January Linky at CatPatches. Check out what other people started in January. If you are like me you will add a few things to your "want to do list".


  1. I love the colors you've used in this. I'm so glad you joined in!

  2. Very pretty, very fun and funky. Love the color combination.

  3. Love this! The purple is beautiful and I think you've done quite well in sewing up these blocks. Good luck on making your deadline!