January 06, 2012

Friday Night Fun...

turned to frustration

I was all set for a fun night of sewing. In fact, I was chain piecing up a storm. See my basket full of pieces and parts waiting to be pressed and moved on to the next step.
All those black and light triangles and the red and blue string blocks are parts of the Orca Bay Mystery that I am behind on, but still plugging away at. There are a couple of little Christmas Mug rugs that I was using as leaders and enders and decided to go ahead and finish. Somewhere buried in there is a Farmer's Wife block or two.

I also had lots more ready to stitch:
Those trays have more black and white, another FW block, and the purple pieces of my January NewFO that I told you about in this post.

Then this happened -
See the belt for my sewing machine? See how it is in 2 pieces? It shouldn't be. I'm not sure if the small fabric and notions shop here in town will have the belt I need or not. They carry the light that works for my older machine, so maybe the belt is a pretty standard part too. I hope so. If not, I have found a couple of places on line to order it, but that means several days before I can sew again.


  1. Yikes!!! I hate it when I am all ready to work on a project and something comes up to halt everything. And especially if that something is a sick machine!!! Hope it "gets well soon!"

  2. Hope immediate first aid is available. It's a bummer to not have a working machine.

  3. Oh no! I hate when something like that ruins a fun night!,,